OxiTouch™ Hand Wash Green Apple & Jasmine


Direction: To release pump rotate the spout anti clockwise. Ones open do not
attempt to reclose the pump .avoid getting in eyes. If in eyes, flush eyes
thoroughly with water .if rush or irritation occurs, discontinue use.
• Antibacterial
• Indulge your hands with a never-before feel and fragrance
• Pamper your hands with soft, visibly clean and germ-free wash of
• Delightfully fruity fragrance in every wash
• Leave your hand with pleasant fragrance
• Thoroughly cleanse and refresh your hand
• Maintains natural moisture
• Magical Beauty Antibacterial Hand Wash
OxiTouch brings to you Antibacterial Hand wash Liquid to help you maintain your
personal hygiene. It contains an Active Silver formula that fights germs to keep
your hands clean and protected. It has a pH-balanced formula and moisturizes
your hands, leaving a refreshing Green Apple & Jasmine fragrance. Add to your
hygiene routine and stay healthy with this antibacterial hand wash liquid from

Enjoy an Outstanding performance for Hand Washing.


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