Welcome to Devi Kali Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Oxi Touch TM is a registered trademark of Devi Kali Chemicals Pvt Ltd is one of the leading household cleaning product manufacturers in Kerala, South India. At Oxi Touch, we follow a consumer-oriented approach in manufacturing high quality and top-notch cleaning products. Our ultimate vision is to expand our customer base not only in India but also at the international arena. We are progressing gradually and expanding our reach by offering top quality services. 

We ensure quality and standards at each stage of manufacturing.

Our products are 100% pure and safe. Our products include a complete range of cleaning supplies such as Extra Power Washing Powder, Detergent Cake, Dishwashers, Hand Wash lotions, Bathroom Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Car Washing Liquids, and many other items across various brands. For more details about our product range, visit the product section.

Production Unit

Oxi Touch TM is one of the leading household cleaning products manufacturing company in Kerala.  We believe in delivering the best services to our customers, so we give the Utmost importance to ensure quality at every stage of production. Our products are cost-effective, meets the highest standards and quality. We provide a wide range of cleaning supplies to fulfil the needs of various customers. To ensure constant supply and to meet customer demands, we have a large production and packing unit. Our motto is to serve customers and to make their lives easy.

Distribution Details

To stay ahead in meeting customer demands and market competition, we have a full-fledged distribution network across Kerala. We have an extensive distribution network complemented by a large vehicle fleet for the prompt delivery of our products. Our dedicated employees work as a team to bring out the best results.

Oxi Touch TM envisions positioning itself as a leading brand in India by expanding its reach to new market segments.

About Oxi Touch TM

Oxi Touch TM is one of the leading domestic cleaning product manufacturers in Kerala. We are now a household name and a well-known brand across Kerala due to the support of thousands of happy customers. We aim to take this growth to an international level. At Oxi Touch TM, we ensure that our products meet all the quality and safety standards. 

Our units manufacture top quality household products such as powerful dishwashers, hand-washing lotions, bathroom cleaners, washing powders, bleaching powders, floor cleaners, and many other items in various brands. Just take a visit on our product page to know more about our products.

Our Management

Mr. Naji Balakrishnan and Mrs. Limna Naji are the managing directors and co-founders of Devi Kali Chemicals Pvt Ltd. They humbly started the company and because of their hard work, passion, and long vision, Devi Kali Chemicals Pvt Ltd. has now grown into one of the predominant companies of Kerala. 

We have an absolute understanding of the demands and preferences of the customers. Besides, we are also equipped to handle contingencies and are invariably aware of market dynamics. Our company stays ahead keeping in mind all of these factors to accomplish a standard position in the market.

Our Vision

We intend to be a world-class organization and a global player in the detergents and cleaning industry. With support from our diligent and dedicated employees, we endeavor toward providing excellent services to our customers.

Our Mission

We aim to magnify our reputation by providing exceptional services to ensure customer satisfaction, to comply with contract requirements, and specifications. The company will strive to deliver excellence in all its pursuits and thereby accomplish an unmatched reputation at home and international level for quality and reliability.